The Grand Parade Award Winners

Bean and Bacon Days 2011Bean and Bacon Days 1st Prize Winner Trophy please see the following years winners

The Bean and Bacon First Prize plaque with three dimensional angel.  The awards and parade are sponsored by the Augusta Lions Club and Lions Club International

The 2013 parade starts at 1 pm and can run for 2 and one half to 3 hours.  There are over 150 units expected to be competing for prizes in the 2013 parade

Bean and Bacon Days Grand Parade Category Winners in 2011

Classic Cars
1. Pete Kuhnert - Altoona Wisconsin 1. Merry Medics - Rochester Minnesota
2. Yard Works - Eau Claire Wisconsin 2. Jim Germann - Eau Claire Wisconsin
3. Thunder Roads Car Club - Augusta Wisconsin 3. Sawdusters - Eau Claire Wisconsin
Antique Cars
Team and Wagons
1. Al Finseth - Augusta Wisconsin 1. Sam Pettis & Company - Augusta Wisconsin
2. Altoona Fire Dept.  
3. Rob & Judy Hawley - Merrillan Wisconsin  
Queen Floats
Horse & Rider
1. Durand Wisconsin 1. Dan Winger & Company - Cadott Wisconsin
2. Osseo Wisconsin  
3. Alma Center Wisconsin  
1. Ken Anderson - Eau Claire Wisconsin 1. Augusta Girl Scouts
2. Mike Gabrick - Fountain City Wisconsin 2. Augusta Area Home
3. Grace Lutheran Pre School - Augusta Wisconsin 3. Augusta Boy Scouts
Marching & Drill Teams
1. Rochester Cycle Patrol - Rochester Minnesota 1. Vintage Iron Club - Augusta Wisconsin
2. Karate American - Eau Claire Wisconsin 2. Bruce & Shelley Steinke - Fall Creek Wisconsin
3. Ozman Mighty Mites - Rochester Minnesota 3. Oscar Sieg - Augusta Wisconsin
Judges Choice Award
  1. Augusta Girl Scouts


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See much larger photos of the parade awards by clicking on the award picture.

Second Prize Ribbon

Bean and Bacon Days Grande Parade 2nd Prize Ribbon

Third Prize Ribbon

Bean and Bacon Days Grand Parade 3rd Prize Winner

Celebrate the American Independence Day holiday and freedom in the Augusta Wisconsin celebration called Bean and Bacon Days.

We hope that someday soon the Chinese can too

We always remember Tiananmen Square, 1989 and 法輪功, Falungong, 李洪志, June 4, 6月4日, 天安门广场,