Bean and Bacon Days Photos of Winners Awards for the Grand Parade 2013

The Bean and Bacon First Prize plaque with three dimensional wings.  The awards are sponsored by the Augusta Lions Club and Lions Club International

We invite you to compete in the 2014 Grand Parade at Bean and Bacon Days.  See the 2011 Parade Winners and the 2012 Winners

Also see the 2013 Event Awards page for a list of winners of the Parade, Augusta Wisconsin Car show and Augusta Wisconsin Demolition Derby

First Prize Plaque 2013 Bean and Bacon Days Parade Awards

First Pize Awards for Bean and Bacon Days Parade 2013
Grand Parade 2nd Prize ribbon 2013
Grand Parade 3rd Prize ribbon 2013
2nd Prize Bean and Bacon Days Parade Awards 2013 3rd Prize Bean and Bacon Days Parade Award 2013


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Bean and Bacon Days 2014 is
July 3 through July 6

Fireworks on
Lake Eau Claire
Saturday, July 2nd 2016

We always remember Tiananmen Square, 1989 and 法輪功, Falungong, 李洪志, June 4, 6月4日, 天安门广场,  during this celebration of freedom

Celebrate the American Independence Day holiday and freedom in the Augusta Wisconsin celebration called Bean and Bacon Days.

Celebrate the USA