About the Bean & Bacon Day Tradition

The Bean and Bacon Day Tradition has its root in Augusta from the inception of the town and its celebration of Independence Day, July 4 in 1856

As far back as is recorded in 1900, a celebration was mentioned as held at First Ward Park. (See the Augusta Wisconsin Web History Pages about the park.  A list of all of Augusta Wisconsin's History is on AugustaWi.info.)

In 1956, the Augusta Wisconsin Centennial Grand Parade (the 100 anniversary year celebration) was held on July 4th but the celebration was not known as Bean and Bacons Days until 1977 when the event was scheduled and supported by The Augusta Business Association and The Lions Club.

Bean and Bacon Days Beer circa 1980Between 1957 and 1976 Augusta Wisconsin usually held Annual Events but the dates sometimes varied from any time in June to any time in July.  Sometimes it was not held at all.

The success of the 1976 American Bi-centennial celebration in Augusta encouraged local community leaders to make the event an annual one.  It led to what has become the Bean and Bacon day tradition in Augusta Wisconsin.

Community leaders such as Carol Peuse and Bob Peuse started the Bean and Bacon Days Grand Parade in 1977 and have kept it alive, interesting and successful ever since.

The celebration continues to be held every year but the Great Pandemic of 2020, Covid-19, caused most events to be cancelled.  Still, the fireworks were great

Bush Brothers, of Bushes Baked Beans fame, purchased the Augusta Wisconsin Canning factory in 1961 and became an annual sponsor of the parade and other local events.  Bush Brothers celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2008 and it was the 50th Year in Augusta Wisconsin in 2011.  The Bush factory has continued to expand and be updated during the life of Bean and Bacon Days

The Augusta Lions Club, Unity Bank and Lion's Club International are also annual sponsors. The Augusta Wisconsin Lions club was started in 1939.   Bean and Bacon Day events are scheduled for "Downtown", the Augusta Wisconsin Lions Field and Memorial Field

Automotive events: Demolition Derby, Car Show and Burnout

The Wisconsin Car Show in Augusta, was added to the Bean and Bacon Events in 2005.  2023 is the 19th year of the event. The Demolition Derby was added in in 1990, it's the 32nd Anniversary in 2023 and the Burnout Competition was added in 2008, it's the 16th annual in 2023

Questions, suggestions, information, registrations for the eventsBean and Bacon Days Beer Can and so on can be answered by contacting those on our contact page

Augusta Wisconsin Bean and Bacon Days Beer, 1980

The Bean and Bacon Days 1980 beer can back:

"Welcome to Bean and Bacon Days"

"The City of Augusta, Wisconsin was founded in 1856. Bean and Bacon Days is a celebration honoring The City of Augusta and the surrounding area. Summer and Winter recreation facilities abound in Augusta year around. Enjoy your stay in our fair city and enjoy some of the finest recreational facilities in the state. Coon Fork Lake Campgrounds, Harstad Park Campgrounds and fishing on Eau Claire Lake. Augusta has one of the finest Industrial Parks in the state and welcomes any new industries that would be interested in locating in our area. Dine in one of the fine supper clubs or just relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings."

"We hope you enjoyed our celebrations and will come back again next year. This message and Welcome To Our City was brought to you by the Augusta Business Association.  Call."

[ The beer was brewed by the Walters Brewing Company of Eau Claire Wisconsin for Bean and Bacon Days, 1980 ]

About Our Festival

Come see. Stay a while. It's a small town independence day.

The 4th of July Tradition in Wisconsin, small town America

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